Over 15 years later, Autochartist has grown exponentially, becoming the first in the world to bring the convenience and power of automated content to the worlds of retail brokers.
Tools and content proven to keep your traders active and trading on your platform.

Protect your Greatest Asset

Active traders are a broker’s biggest and most valuable asset. Without traders actively engaged on your platform, you have no way of generating a profit. However, due to the high cost and effort involved in activation and especially retention, many brokers tend not to give this area the attention it deserves.

The tools and content below have been custom designed to give broker’s an affordable, hassle-free solution to activation and retention efforts. Our services help you improve trader experience and support without infringing on your profitability.

What we Offer

Decision Support Tools

Cater for a broad range of trading styles by offering your traders a wide range of analysis types and decision support tools. Autochartist’s suite of decision support tools help improve your retention efforts by providing your traders with real-time market analysis, fresh trading ideas, new ways to enter the market, and tools to support their trading decisions.

Tools for Risk Management

Poor risk management is a leading contributor to trader churn. Providing your traders with tools to improve their risk management can have a marked positive effect on trader longevity. The Autochartist tools for risk management have the added benefit of fulfilling regulatory requirements while still protecting your profits.

Email Services

Email is a fantastic way to maintain consistent communication with your traders, keeping them informed and trading. Autochartist offers a range of emails designed to generate interest in current events and opportunities for traders of all experience levels. Our emails range from daily market reports to ad hoc high probability opportunities, ideal for retaining high-value VIP clients.

Web Components

Boost the number of active traders on your platform by introducing engaging, actionable content to your client portal. We automatically deliver fresh and exciting trade opportunities daily and enticing favourites straight to your client portal.

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Make our service your own with our easy-to-use API solution. All our superior decision support tools and unique tagged content is available in a REST API that can be integrated into your desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Launch developer portal

Tools for VIP Traders

Retaining your VIP traders is crucial to the success of any retail broker. Autochartist offers you several tools such as filtered high-probability setups and instances of multiple correlating alerts on an instrument to help you stand out as the ideal partner for your VIP traders.