Over 15 years later, Autochartist has grown exponentially, becoming the first in the world to bring the convenience and power of automated content to the worlds of retail brokers.
Engaging market information and on-demand talking points to drive your sales and demo-to-live conversions.

Build Trust

Most traders go dormant for two reasons; a loss of confidence after a series of bad trading decisions or a loss of interest. In both this and the case of demo-to-live conversion, the key to success is building confidence through brand awareness and top-notch tools and content.

Autochartist helps you build this confidence in your prospects and dormant accounts by making each of your sales staff sound like a seasoned trading professional, regardless of experience. With us, your team benefits from a fully stocked arsenal of talking points, tools, and content helping them keep your brand front of mind and give your traders the boost they need.

What we Offer

Effortless Distribution

Having great content and tools are useless if they aren’t reaching the right people at the right time. We integrate with all major email, SMS, and push notification platforms giving you 24-hour coverage to ensure your content reaches traders at the best time for their time zone.

Sales Conversation Email

Help your sales staff build meaningful relationships with prospects with actionable talking points that make your team sound like professional analysts overnight. Our sales conversation email contains dozens of interesting talking points and trading set-ups, helping your sales team build trust and encourage prospects to get trading.

Best 5 Trades Email

Reassure traders and stand out as a thought-leader by showing the depth and quality of your research capabilities. This weekly mail looks back at the previous week, showing traders the potential gains they could have made had they traded on a live account, encouraging them to open and fund their live account.

Widest Range of Analysis Types

Appeal to a broader range of trades by offering time-saving tools and signals using a range of analysis types. Autochartist provides technical, statistical, macroeconomic, fundamental, and news sentiment analysis content, ensuring you engage clients of trading styles and levels.

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An Abundance of Educational Material

Close more deals by offering your traders a chance to grow with you by giving them access to a library of valuable educational material. We have put together a comprehensive archive of professionally produced videos, blogs, and webinars to help our broker partners stand out as brokers who cares about their trader's growth.

Risk Management Tools

Poor risk management is the most significant factor causing traders to stop trading. Offering potential traders access to risk management tools is a great way to distinguish your brokerage from competitors. Our tools and alerts are designed to give your traders and leads the confidence boost they need to go live.

Daily Market Snapshot

Keeping your brand front of mind is vital for a successful sale. Our Market report helps you do just that, providing your traders with a daily summary of their chosen market, upcoming news events, and projections for the day. To help you stand out even more, we help you speak your trader's language by offering this report in 30 languages.