Over 15 years later, Autochartist has grown exponentially, becoming the first in the world to bring the convenience and power of automated content to the worlds of retail brokers.

API of financial market analysis for your trading platform, communication channels, and social media

Make our Data your Own

The greatest advantage of using an API solution is controlling how our data is implemented. Although all our products focus on brand alignment and can be customised to suit your CI, using API gives you complete freedom to display our analysis capabilities in any way you see fit.

Our API gives you the ability to easily produce and deliver price forecasts and related financial market analytics, or improve your existing analytics with additional data points 

Our API Products

Price forecasts based on:
Volatility Forecasts based on:
Marketing Automation

Our APIs allow you to add market analysis into all relevant components of your trading platform; product watchlists, open positions, and research portals. Stand out to your clients by offering a modernised, engaging platform.

API for Platform Development

Stand out to your clients by offering a modernised, engaging platform. Our server-to-server REST API gives you the ability to personalise your charts with in-platform technical analysis and trading set-ups to keep traders active.

Zapier connector

We partnered with Zapier to reduce the difficulties involved with content creation, translation and distribution, giving you access to a wealth of technical content in 30 languages seamlessly delivered around the clock. From technical analysis to economic calendars and trading opportunities, drive engagement without the effort.

Charting integrations

Autochartist has pre-built integrations of our Technical Analysis API in the following charting platforms:

Content Integrations

Developers that need to display Autochartist Technical Analysis in ChartIQ, NetDania, TradingView, DxCharts