Over 15 years later, Autochartist has grown exponentially, becoming the first in the world to bring the convenience and power of automated content to the worlds of retail brokers.
One research portal to speak to all your traders
Dive into Autochartist’s Research Portal – designed for brokers prioritising efficiency, brand awareness and breadth of research.
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Delivering More with Less


Introducing an integration process that respects your time and resources.

Your Brand,
Your Way

While simplifying processes, we ensure your brand stands distinct and undiluted.

Bypass Development
Team Delays

The Research Portal is a testament to reduced developmental complexities.


Speak to all traders: Technical, Statistical, Macro-Economic, Sentiment, News, and Volatility traders.

A Gateway to Premium Tools:

Implement Autochartist’s renowned suite of trading tools with ease. From technical analysis to sentiment insights, bring the best to your traders without the backend burdens.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication:

Experience a paradigm shift in how trading tools are integrated into broker platforms and enjoy the increased trader use and engagement of an all-in-one integration.

Ready for the Future of Brokerage Operations?

Discover the transformative power of the Autochartist Research Portal and lead your brokerage into a new era.

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